In this course we will explore:

  • The science + history of the mind-body connection
  • How yoga + mindfulness support emotions and reactions, and how to implement them with your students
  • Breathing Techniques 
  • 10 Sample Video Sequences
  • 5 Quick Guided Visualizations designed for Children
  • Mindfulness Activities and Games
  • Manual includes easy to follow sequences, games, visualization scripts and mindfulness activities

Meet Courtney

Founder of Petite Yogi

Courtney Loughney

Courtney founded Petite Yogi in 2013 after struggling to find yoga for her children. Since then her team has grown rapidly as well as the number of schools where Petite Yogi Instructors bring yoga and mindfulness to students. Programs include: - After School Clubs- PE Alternative- Professional Development- Fundraising- Community ProgramsCourtney has blended her background in psychology, education, behavior therapy and over a decade of teaching yoga to create a program that is suitable for the classroom. The activities are quick and easy to implement.

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome!

    • Manual Download (37 Pages)

  • 2

    The Mind-Body "Trend"

    • Introduction

    • Centering

    • The Original Trendsetters

    • The Body's Response to Emotion

    • A Real Life Practice

  • 3

    Yoga Sequences :: Video Library

    • Wake Up

    • Get Moving

    • Balanced Energy

    • Yoga Muscles

    • Cultivate Calm

    • Wake Up + Focus

    • Goodbye Tension

    • Let Go of Anxiety

    • Calm + Centered

    • Relax + Focus

  • 4

    Breathing Techniques :: Video Library

    • Take 5 Breath

    • Flying Bird Breath

    • Balloon Breath

    • Alternate Nostril Breath

    • Ocean Breath

    • Bumblebee Breath

    • Candle Breath

    • Gentle Wind Breath

    • Feather Breathing

  • 5

    Mindful Activities

    • Peace Begins With Me

    • The Listening Game

Learn how to bring the benefits of yoga + mindfulness to the students you work with.